Supercharge Your Summit Roadmap

Join the Supercharge Your Summit Roadmap and learn the six steps to create a wildly successful summit that supercharges your income, your know, like and trust factor, your reach and your list!

8 Modules


Program Overview

Let's dive in to this module where you will learn how the program works! 

Click the lesson on the right hand side of the screen to dig in to this module!

Step 1: Choosing Your Niche

Are you excited! Today we are choosing our summit niche and other important things! Dig in by clicking the lesson on the right hand side of your screen! 

Step 2: Choosing Your Dates/Names & Create Sign Up Page

Welcome back ,

In this step we will choose the summit name, create a logo and choose the dates of our summit!

Click the lesson on the right hand side of the screen!

Step 3: Creating Your Guest List

In step 3 we choose our summit guests! Remember dream dig! 

Step 4: Organizing & Creating the Summit

Step 4 is all about building your backend and organized your summit. Be sure to use the tracker and the summit checklist which was given as a bonus and can be found in your bonus section! 

Step 5: Promoting the Summit

Welcome to Step 5!

In this lesson you will learn how to promote your summit for maximum exposure. You will learn about securing sponsors and encouraging speakers to promote your summit.

Step 6: Releasing the Summit

Welcome to Step 6

This is the shortest and easiest step! Yes once you get to launch date your workload massively decreases! So take a breath - you are almost there!

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